Greenview Investment Partners provides loans to cannabis wholesale cultivators, cannabis technology companies, and cannabis pharmaceutical companies.  We currently serve businesses in all 30 states where recreational and/or medical marijuana is legal in the U.S. Nobody knows the cannabis investment vertical better than we do.

Since 2006, we have raised over $153 million in debt funding for cannabis companies throughout the United States and other markets such as Canada. Our cannabis investment choices are highly strategic in nature; we only invest in regional markets with the right demographics to support cannabis-related businesses. To ensure the success of our cannabis investments, we carefully vet and evaluate each and every business we work with. Over the years, Greenview Investment Partners has developed the resources, knowledge, and people needed to help grow and turn around hundreds of cannabis businesses into extremely profitable ventures. Our cannabis investment clients include one of the first cannabis firms to list publicly on the New York Stock Exchange—a fact we are extremely proud of.

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Unlike other private equity and cannabis investment firms, we take a proactive approach for every business we finance. For start-up businesses, we provide the capital, equipment, manpower requirements and operating structures needed to help a business succeed in their local market. For the more established business partner we provide invaluable ongoing support such as in-depth market analysis, on-going monitoring and support to insure continued scalability and growth.  Contact Us to learn more.

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Brian Gwinn is a Partner with Greenview Investment Partners, also serving as Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Brian is an eleven-year veteran of the legal cannabis industry; successfully funding, building and operating multiple companies across the United States as well as internationally. Brian has led multiple entities through successful exits and transitions. Brian specializes in strategic financing, investor relationships, capital raise opportunities, market recognition and optimization. Prior to Greenview Investment Partners, Brian led successful ventures across multiple business industries and sectors. A respected business mind, Brian has been featured in publications such as Inc., Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Washington Post among others.

William L is the Founder, Mentor, and Partner of Greenview Investment Partners. Early on, William realized the large opportunity afforded by medical marijuana legislation in key U.S. markets. After founding the Company in 2006, he became an active investor and operator in various cannabis-related businesses in the United States, Europe, and Israel. His business acumen and his on-the-ground knowledge has helped many businesses succeed in their respective markets. William deeply understands the unique needs and challenges of various cannabis-related businesses, and this positions him particularly well in vetting investment opportunities.

William has worked closely with many clients for Greenview Investment Partners for over a decade. His wealth of experience and his ability to quickly identify lucrative investment opportunities has been crucial to the continued success of Greenview Investment Partners. His realistic approach, keen understanding of regional markets, and skill in scaling businesses beyond their potential has helped companies throughout the United States. William graduated with a degree in economics from Harvard University and currently spends his time between the three regional offices of Greenview Investment Partners.

Christopher W is currently a Partner with Greenview Investment Partners. Christopher has participated in several platform investments for Greenview Investment Partners in a variety of industries including business services, IT services, pharmaceutical companies and commercial grow facilities. Before he joined Greenview Investment Partners, Christopher worked for one of the top multinational professional services in the world. His roles at the time including advising client companies on strategic financing alternatives, identifying capital raise opportunities, analyzing market conditions, and analyzing valuation exercises. Christopher has also earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Prior to his role, Christopher also worked for one of the largest investment banks in the United States. Christopher received a Bachelor’s degree, cum laude with honors, in Engineering from Cornell University, and an MBA with high distinction, from the University of Michigan Business School.

Kenneth W has been a Partner with Greenview Investment Partners since 2013. Kenneth focuses on cannabis businesses involved in technology and pharmaceuticals, and he also helps commercial grow facilities achieve their expansion goals in different regions, nationally, and across the world. Prior to Greenview Investment Partners, Kenneth was a Managing Partner at a prominent biotechnology firm, where he focused on healthcare services, healthcare information technology, and pharmaceutical services.

Kenneth has served on the boards of numerous healthcare companies including many in the field of clinical research and studies, rehabilitation technology, information technology, and more. Kenneth holds an AB in government from Harvard College and an MBA from the Wharton Schoool of Business of the University of Pennsylvania.



By investing with Greenview Investment Partners, we are confident we can increase the number of businesses we serve, providing value for both our investors and the clients we work with.

We fully understand the different requirements needed to help businesses excel in their respective markets.
Over 225 satisfied investors have worked with us over the last 12 years.
The market potential for our services is only growing.
We will continue to provide the support, knowledge, and advice expected by the clients and businesses we work with.


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